Showtimes March 3 to March 9


Academy Award Winner for Best Foreign Language Film

The Salesman

Showtimes: (10:30 am Sat + Sun); 1:15; 4:00; 6:50; 9:35

Forced to leave their apartment due to a dangerous construction project in a neighboring building, a young Iranian couple moves to the center of Tehran where they become embroiled in a life-altering situation involving the previous tenant. Their relationship begins to turn sour during their performance of Arthur Miller's Death of a Salesman. The Salesman won the Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film and has a 97% Rotten Tomatoes Rating.



A United Kingdom

Showtimes: (11:40 am Sat + Sun); 2:10; 4:40; 7:10; 9:40

Based on extraordinary true events. In 1947, Seretse Khama, the King of Botswana, met Ruth Williams, a London office worker. They were a perfect match, yet their proposed marriage was challenged not only by their families but by the British and South African governments. The latter had recently introduced the policy of apartheid and found the notion of a biracial couple ruling a neighboring country intolerable. South Africa threatened the British: either thwart the couple or be denied access to South African uranium and gold and face the risk of South Africa invading Botswana.


I Am Not Your Negro

No Showtimes Friday or Saturday

Showtimes: 2:00; 6:40

Using prolific writer James Baldwin’s unfinished novel “Remember This House,” filmmaker Raoul Peck provides a radical, up-to-the-minute examination of race in America, using Baldwin's original words and flood of rich archival material. I Am Not Your Negro is a journey into black history that connects the past of the Civil Rights movement to the present of #BlackLivesMatter. Baldwin and Peck have produced a work that challenges the very definition of what America stands for.



Red Turtle

No Showtimes Friday or Saturday

Showtimes: (12:00 pm Sun); 4:30; 9:00

In this first non-Japanese film to be produced by Studio Ghibli comes the story of a man shipwrecked on a tropical island inhabited by turtles, crabs, and birds. It recounts the milestones in the life of a human being.



Showtimes: (10:50 am Sat + Sun); 1:30; 4:20; 7:00; 9:40

Five-year-old Saroo gets lost on a train which takes him thousands of kilometers across India, away from his home and family. Saroo must learn to survive alone in Kolkata, before ultimately being adopted by an Australian couple. Twenty-five years later, armed with only a handful of memories, his unwavering determination, and the revolutionary technology known as Google Earth, he sets out to find his lost family and finally return to his first home.



Les Contes d’Hoffmann

Showtimes: March 7 at 7:15 pm and March 10 at 10:00 am

Left unfinished when Offenbach died during rehearsals in October 1880, Les Contes d’Hoffmann work combines fantasy, gravity and humour in an unexpectedly innovative synthesis of opera buffa, romantic opera and grand opera. This adaptation of three tales by E.T.A. Hoffmann, with a sprinkling of Goethe’s Faust, portrays the German poet as both narrator and hero recounting his love affairs with Olympia, Antonia and Giuletta. Robert Carsen’s spectacular production highlights the melancholy genius of a man marked by life, with a coherence and dramatic sense remarkable for a work that leaves numerous questions unanswered. The legendary airs and brilliant mystery of this performance will continue to dazzle opera houses for countless years to come.


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March 7 + 12: Les Contes d'Hoffman

March 10: Kedi

March 17: Headshot

March 17: Kiki

March 17: Sense of an Ending

March 24: Donald Cried

March 24: Land of Mine

March 31: Raw

March 31: Personal Shopper

April 4 + 9: I Due Foscari

April 7: After the Storm

April 7: Frantz

April 7: The Void

April 14: Song to Song

April 21: Truman

April 28: 13 Minutes

May 19: Norman

June 16: Paris Can Wait

July 21: Maudie

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