Showtimes March 24 to March 30


Land of Mine

Showtimes: (11:45 am Sat + Sun); 2:15; 4:45; 7:15; 9:40

In post-World War II Denmark, a group of young German POWs is forced to clear a beach of thousands of land mines under the watch of a Danish Sergeant who slowly learns to appreciate their plight.


Donald Cried

Showtimes: (12:00 pm Sat + Sun); 2:30; 5:00; 7:10; 9:20

With sudden passing of his grandmother, Peter Latang returns to his hometown and encounters his long lost, childhood friend, Donald Treebeck. What begins as a simple favor, turns into a long day's journey into the past. Painfully awkward moments and increasingly bizarre - and dangerous - hijinks ensue, as the friends rediscover their stifled aggression and teenaged rebelliousness



Showtimes: 1:45; 4:15; 6:50; 9:15

Wilson, a lonely, neurotic and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope reunites with his estranged wife and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter he has never met. In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.



Showtimes: (11:20 am Sat + Sun); 1:20; 3:20; 5:20; 7:20

No evening showtimes Wednesday, March 29 or Thursday, March 30

 A film about the hundreds of thousands of cats who have roamed the metropolis of Istanbul freely for thousands of years, wandering in and out of people's lives, impacting them in ways only an animal who lives between the worlds of the wild and the tamed can.


The Sense of an Ending

Showtimes: (11:30 am Sat + Sun); 2:00; 7:00; 9:30

Tony Webster leads a reclusive and quiet existence until long buried secrets from his past force him to face the flawed recollections of his younger self, the truth about his first love, and the devastating consequences of decisions made a lifetime ago.


A United Kingdom

Showtimes: (11:15 am Sat + Sun); 4:30; 9:20

No 9:20 showtimes Wednesday, March 29 or Thursday, March 30

Based on the true love story of Seretse Khama, the King of Botswana and Ruth Williams, a London office worker. Their proposed marriage was challenged both by the British and South African governments. South Africa threatened the British: either thwart the couple or be denied access to South African uranium and gold and face the risk of South Africa invading Botswana.


Fire at Sea

Screening and Discussion: March 30 at 6:30 pm

Encore: March 30 at 9:45 pm

Join us as we partner with the Watsonville Film Festival for a special screening of the Oscar-nominated Fire at Sea. Situated 150 miles south of Sicily, Lampedusa has hit headlines as the first port of call for hundreds of thousands of African and Middle Eastern refugees hoping to make a new life in Europe. After spending months living on the island and engaging with its inhabitants, Rosi accumulated an incredible array of footage, portraying the history, culture and daily lives of the islanders. Focusing on 12-year-old Samuele, as he explores the land and attempts to gain mastery of the sea, the film slowly builds a breathtakingly naturalistic portrait of the Lampedusan people and the events that surround them. The result is a lyrical, poetic and searingly powerful documentary that casts neither judgement nor aspersions, but simply shows the world to the viewer--to utterly devastating effect.



Movie Premiere Event: Thursday, March 30 at 7:00 pm

Encore Screening: Thursday, March 30 at 9:25 pm

Everyone in Justine's family is a vet and a vegetarian. At sixteen, she's a brilliant student starting out at veterinary school where she experiences a decadent, merciless, and dangerously seductive world. Desperate to fit in, she strays from her family principles and eats raw meat for the first time and faces the terrible and unexpected consequences as her true self begins to emerge.

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March 31: Personal Shopper

April 4 + 9: I Due Foscari

April 7: After the Storm

April 7: Frantz

April 7: The Void

April 14: Song to Song

April 14: Gifted

April 21: Truman

May 5: The Dinner

May 29: Norman

June 16: Paris Can Wait

July 7: 13 Minutes

July 21: Maudie

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