Showtimes March 31 to April 6



Showtimes: (12:00 pm Sat + Sun); 2:30; 4:50; 7:10; 9:40

Everyone in Justine's family is a vet and a vegetarian. At sixteen, she's a brilliant student starting out at veterinary school where she experiences a decadent, merciless, and dangerously seductive world. Desperate to fit in, she strays from her family principles and eats raw meat for the first time and faces the terrible and unexpected consequences as her true self begins to emerge and a taste for raw meat begins to grow. This movie is not for the faint of heart.


Personal Shopper

Showtimes: (11:30 am Sat + Sun); 2:00; 4:30; 7:00: 9:30

Maureen works as a personal shopper to an egotistical celebrity in Paris. While spending much of her time buying expensive clothes and jewelry for Kyra, Maureen is also a spiritual medium. Following the recent death of her twin brother, she is determined to make contact with his spirit.


Land of Mine

Showtimes: (11:45 am Sat + Sun); 2:15; 4:45; 7:15; 9:40

In post-World War II Denmark, a group of young German POWs is forced to clear a beach of thousands of land mines under the watch of a Danish Sergeant who slowly learns to appreciate their plight.


A United Kingdom

Showtimes: (11:20 am Sat + Sun); 1:50; 4:20; 6:50

No 6:50 pm show on Tuesday, April 4

  Based on the true love story of Seretse Khama, the King of Botswana and Ruth Williams, a London office worker. In response to their proposed marriage, South Africa threatened the British: either thwart the couple or be denied access to South African uranium and gold and face the risk of South Africa invading Botswana.



Showtime: 9:20

Wilson, a lonely, neurotic, and hilariously honest middle-aged misanthrope reunites with his estranged wife and gets a shot at happiness when he learns he has a teenage daughter he has never met. In his uniquely outrageous and slightly twisted way, he sets out to connect with her.

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Showtimes: (11:20 am + 1:20 pm Sat + Sun); 3:20; 5:20; 7:20; 9:20

No shows on Tuesday, April 4

A film about the hundreds of thousands of cats who have roamed the metropolis of Istanbul freely for thousands of years, wandering in and out of people's lives, impacting them in ways only an animal who lives between the worlds of the wild and the tamed can.



Showtimes Tuesday, April 4: 2:00; 4:30; 7:00; 9:30

Join us in as we participate in a nationwide support of the arts and humanities with all day screenings of 1984. All proceeds from the screenings will be donated to Youth Arts Collective.

In this film version of the classic cautionary novel, Winston Smith, a bureaucratic flunky living in a totalitarian state, breaks the law by falling in love with Julia. Attempting to escape, Winston and Julia are tracked down by the Thought Police and "re-educated" into loving the State. Followed by a taped conversation with director Michael Radford


I Due Foscari

Showtimes: Tuesday, April 4 at 7:15 pm and Sunday April 9 at 10:00 am

Praised by The Financial Times as “the definitive Francesco”, Plácido Domingo portrays a father anguished by a political responsibility to exile his only surviving son. This production from the legendary Teatro alla Scala (Milan) is conducted by one of the finest Italian conductors in opera today, Michele Mariotti.

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April 7: After the Storm

April 7: Frantz

April 7: The Void

April 14: Song to Song

April 14: Gifted

April 21: Truman

May 5: The Dinner

May 29: Norman

June 16: Paris Can Wait

July 7: 13 Minutes

July 21: Maudie

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