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Our 2 newest films: “The Public”, this David versus Goliath story tackles some of our nation's most challenging issues including homelessness and mental illness. “Transit”, when a man flees France after the Nazi invasion, he assumes the identity of a dead author whose papers he possesses. Stuck in Marseilles, he meets a young woman desperate to find her missing husband - the very man he's impersonating.


The Invisibles

Apollo 11

One Night Showings


7:00pm Thursday, April 18 with Director Q&A


A series of seven vignettes about different people loosely related to each other dealing with their every day problems in modern day Iran. Award-winning director Rakhshan Banietemad will answer questions after the movie.

Not Rated

Run Time 2 hr 30 min

Life of Brian One Sheet.jpg

Monty Python delivers the group's sharpest and smartest satire of both religion and Hollywood's epic films. Set in 33 A.D. Judea where the exasperated Romans try to impose order, it is a time of chaos and change with no shortage of messiahs and followers willing to believe them. At it's center is Brian Cohen, born in Bethlehem in a stable next door, who, by a series of absurd circumstances is caught up in the new religion and reluctantly mistaken for the promised messiah, providing ample opportunity for the entire ensemble to shine in multiple roles as they question everyone and everything from ex-lepers, Pontius Pilate and haggling to revolutionaries, crazy prophets, religious fanaticism, Roman centurions and crucifixion, forever changing our biblical view.


Rated R

Run Time 1 hr 50 min

Daily Showings

The Public

Weekday Shows: 1:45, 4:15, 7:00

Weekend Shows: 11:1, 1:45, 4:15, 7:00

The Public.jpg

When sub-zero temperatures reach downtown Cincinatti, patrons of the public library- many of them homeless or mentally ill- stage a sit-in, refusing to leave the library and face the dangerously inclement weather. The situation evolves into a stand-off with the local authorities as the media and public watch on. Writer/director Emilio Estevez uses the provocative story and excellent cast to tackle important social issues such as poverty, mental illness and the commodification of news media.

Rated PG-13

Run Time 2 hr 10 min



Weekday Shows: 2:30, 5:00, 7:20

Weekend Shows: 12:00, 2:30, 5:00, 7:20

No 7:20pm showing Thursday, April 18


Assuming the identity of a deceased author, Georg flees Nazi occupied France during World War II. When he is delayed in Marseilles he meets a woman desperately seeking her missing husband. The very man who’s identity Georg has stolen. TRANSIT is the third entry in Petzold’s “Love in Times of Oppressive Systems” trilogy, following Barbara and Phoenix and is not to be missed.


Rated R

Run Time 1 hr 55 min

The Invisibles

Weekday Shows: 2:15, 7:10

Weekend Shows: 11:45, 2:15, 7:10

No 7:10pm Showtime Thursday, April 18

The Invisibles.jpg

While Goebbels infamously declared Berlin "free of Jews" in 1943, 1700 managed to survive in the Nazi capital. Claus Räfle's gripping docudrama traces the stories of four real-life survivors who learned to hide in plain sight. Moving between cinemas, cafés and safe houses, they dodged Nazi officials and a dense network of spies and informants. Yet their prudence was at odds with their youthful recklessness, prompting them to join the resistance, forge passports, or pose as Aryan war widows. Masterfully weaving these story threads together, The Invisibles is a testament to the resourcefulness, willpower and sheer chance needed to survive against incredible odds.

Drama, History, Biography

Not Rated

Run Time 2hr 5min

The Mustang

Weekday Shows: 2:15, 5:00, 7:15

Weekend Shows: 12:00, 2:15, 5:00, 7:15

the mustang.jpg

Roman Coleman (Matthias Schoenaerts), a convict in a rural Nevada prison who struggles to escape his violent past, is required to participate in an “outdoor maintenance” program as part of his state-mandated social rehabilitation. Spotted by a no-nonsense veteran trainer (Bruce Dern) and helped by an outgoing fellow inmate and trick rider (Jason Mitchell), Roman is accepted into the selective wild horse training section of the program. There, he rediscovers his own humanity in gentling an especially unbreakable mustang.

Rated R

Run Time 1hr 50min


95% on

Apollo 11

Daily Shows: 4:45

apollo 11.jpg

From director Todd Douglas Miller (Dinosaur 13) comes a cinematic event fifty years in the making. Crafted from a newly discovered trove of 65mm footage, and more than 11,000 hours of uncatalogued audio recordings, Apollo 11 takes us straight to the hear t of NASA’s most celebrated mission—the one that first put men on the moon, and forever made Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin into household names. Immersed in the perspectives of the astronauts, the team in Mission Control, and the millions of spectators on the ground, we vividly experience those momentous days and hours in 1969 when humankind took a giant leap into the future.

100% on

Rated G

Run Time 1hr 20min

Documentary, History

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April 18: Tales with Director Q&A (tickets, one show only)

April 18: Monty Python’s Life of Brian 40th Anniversary (tickets, one show only)

April 19: Amazing Grace

April 19: Peterloo

April 19: Drunk Parents

April 23: Paris to Pittsburgh (tickets, one show only )

April 26: Diane

April 26: Family

April 28: Cat Video Fest (tickets, one show only)

May 3: Wild Nights with Emily

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May 10: Sunset

May 10: The Chaperone

May 24: The White Crow

May 24: Photograph

June 7: All is True

June 7: Woodstock: Three Days that Defined a Generation

June 14: Echo in the Canyon

July 9: The Fall of the American Empire

July 26: Maiden

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